Zed 2i hangs after some time


I’m having a problem with the ZED 2i where the device will hang after a random amount of time. Anywhere between a few hours and 2 days. I’m using the Python API on the Ubuntu ZED Boxes. If it’s currently detecting someone when it decides to hang the results will switch between 2 bodies and 1 body every message, with one of them having NaN for all the positional values (I’m sending across OSC to another computer so I know the python program itself is still running normally). Upon restarting the application the ZED is undiscoverable and I need to reconnect it in order for it to be seen again. I’m using a slightly altered version of the sample program provided with the API simply to add OSC.

Please does anyone have a solution to this problem? I’ve been racking my head on this for weeks and I have a presentation coming up soon so any help would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance


Sorry for your troubles. Could you give us a little more details ? For example, what SDK version are you running ? I strongly advise that you use 3.8.2. There was a bug in 3.8.0/1 that kept the camera from recovering it’s USB connection when it was down.


Thank you for your suggestion, I see that I have installed 3.8.1. I’m going to upgrade it now and see if that fixes it. I’ll let you know if it happens again

UPDATE: Seems like the most recent version has helped but we are still having problems with the tracking failing after about a day, this gets solved after a restart.