Zed 2 - Zed Scanner? Best way for decent interior "scanning"?


I am a mechatronics engineering student and currently busy with my 3rd year internship.
One of the aspects of my assignment involves having to capture / scan interior areas and have the resulting 3D models / Point Clouds overlayed on top of an existing BIM model.

I received my Zed 2 a couple of days ago and am trying to get to know it better.
I was wondering if I could have some assistance / advance on the following:

  1. I came across this official video from 2015 which showcases an application by the name of Zed Scanner. I haven’t managed to find it anywhere. The demonstrated functionality is pretty much perfect for what I’m looking for.
    Is this application / script still available somewhere? If not, could I perhaps receive some pointers as to how I might replicate this?

  2. I’ve been looking into RTAB and RGBD mapping via ROS and Zed. It’s also an option that looks promising, yet I’m still seeing some unrefined / accurate results.
    Any advice or opinion on the matter would be greatly appreciated!

  3. Between depth mapping, point clouds, plane detection and spatial mapping I’m feeling a bit confused when it comes to making a decision regarding a path that will lead me closer to my goal.
    Is there a specific technique / workflow anyone might recommend for creating “scan-like” 3D maps of interiors?
    Depth mapping / point cloud using ZEDfu generally looks a bit more accurate and less noisy I think.

In general, any tips and advice would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:
I’ve been wondering if it might be possible to use “plane detection” for spotting the walls / floor and generating a bounding box to use an anchoring mechanism which will let the closest point clip or snap to.

I’m currently developing on Windows 10 with a Quadro K2200 card which is not necessarily ideal.
Eventually the Zed 2 will be attached to a Jetson Nano.

My apologies for the messy post! If anyone has some advice / tips / ideas for me I’d really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!