ZED 2 Vs. ZED X for underwater object detection

what is the better option between ZED 2 and ZED X cameras for an underwater application. Using AI model, it has to detect fish and calculate its measurements.

Hi @Madona
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Both cameras are suitable for underwater operations, both require a waterproof case and manual recalibration to estimate depth underwater (factory calibration is performed in the air, and water modifies the lens behaviors).

I recommend the ZED X camera for the higher dynamic range of the CMOS sensors which allows for obtaining clearer images.

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Hello once again
I’m stuck between choosing the ZED Box and the AGX Orin developer kit. Which one do you think is better for running an object detection AI with YOLO and measuring object dimensions? What’s your pick between the two?

The ZED Box Orin AGX 16 GB is capable of handling the task you are going to accomplish.
The ZED Box is a product that you can use in final applications on the field, while the Jetson AGX Orin is a development kit to experiment and make prototypes to be next converted into products.
In addition to price, consider if the required computing power is worth the cost difference.