ZED 2: Only able to open Depth viewer and other applications in VGA mode, not HD

For some reason, I am only able to use my ZED 2 camera in VGA mode - HD720, HD1080 and HD2K is not working. What could be the reason for that?

Seemed to be due to the fact that it was not properly connected to a USB 3.0 port. It’s inconsistent, however, when used in the same port.

It may be related to USB 3.0 issues, check this article for more information

Actually seems to be due to the cable from the camera (grommet) being loose. It is working properly only when the cable is pushed firmly into the camera. Do you have a good fix for it? Or an easy way of changing the cable? Can I send it in for a repair?

@haakonflaar please run the ZED Diagnostic tool and send the report that it generates to support@stereolabs.com with a picture showing the entire cable.
If the camera satisfies all the warranty conditions we can open an RMA.