ZED 2 for underwater application

Hi guys,
i bought a Zed 2 camera to mount on my bluerov2 for underwater applications. I also bought from the bluerobotics website an acrylic tube to protect camera from water and pressure. Now i have a doubt: how can i mount the stereocamera to minimize distorsions caused by the tube and the water? I can have a 3d printed support to make keep still the camera.

Hi @Angelo9912
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It is not possible to eliminate distortions caused by water as it acts like a lens and bends the light passing through it.
You must re-calibrate your cameras manually after placing the robot in the water:

i know that this is impossible but i would like to minimize these effects. I thought to print a support with 3d printer but i don’t know if is better keep the camera in the middle of the tube or with the lens very close to the tube.

In this case, only experimental results on the field can help you.