ZED 2 cable incompatible w/ USB 3.2 ports?

Hi, Stereolabs team & community! I want to confirm an issue I am seeing. I’ve been developing in Unity w/ the Stereolabs ZED SDK for several weeks. Here is a quick work-in-progress video of what I’m working on, showing the camera functioning in Unity on my home machine: https://twitter.com/jamesckane/status/1752401172722336116

However, when I set the project up on a similar machine (a new Razer 16" i9 CPU w/ a 4080 GPU) at my office, I cannot pass the diagnostic tool camera checks - it tells me to plug into a USB 3.0 port - but all ports on this machine are USB 3.2. Does the screw-in USB-C to USB-A cable that comes with the camera only support USB 3.0 ports? I’m surprised a “newer” USB port wouldn’t also work. Here is the exact machine I am running, including USB port information: https://www.microcenter.com/product/662884/razer-blade-16-rz09-0483teh3-r3u1-16-gaming-laptop-computer-black

My solution has been to get a USB-C to USB-C data cable and use the USB-C ports on the machine - this works reliably. But this third-party stock cable does not have the screw-in attachment to the camera, which is a safety measure I’d prefer to have.

Is this to be expected? Or can anyone tell me why newer USB 3.2 ports on a new machine wouldn’t support up to USB 3.0 standard on the included camera cable? I’m unsure. Thanks for any advice!

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Hi @jamesckane, welcome to the forums, the projects looks really good!

I’m not aware of incompatibilities with USB 3.2, I’ll ask the team about this and get back to you.
In the meantime, can you share the report file of ZED Diagnostic here? You can save it at the end of the diagnostic, it will give us more info about your hardware and help the investigation.

I have come to believe this was caused by a hot electric outlet repeatedly shorting out the USB ports on the PC. Moving the machine to several other locations, the issue disappears, and putting an uninterrupted power supply in front of the problem electric outlet also mitigates the issue. So the cables are fine, but I will leave this up in case it helps anyone else to question their power supply in the future. Thanks!

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