ZED 2 and highly reflective objects

Hi community,

I just got my new ZED 2 camera this week and, I’m now using it on a 3d scanner I’m developing. I’ve been trying to perform scans of very shinny parts (almost mirror finished), but I’ve been very unsuccessful with the ZED camera so far (and all other sensors that I’ve tried). Even though I’m very familiar with this problem, I wondered if anyone here has some tips to improve the scanning quality of the ZED camera when dealing with shinny objects or even just textureless objects. That can be just some optimal settings (There are a lot of settings on this camera to tweak), or also the environment set up, like different lighting or displacement of the parts.

I would be very grateful if anyone could help me with this, I’ve been dealing with this problem for a while now and I had the hopes that I could solve it with the ZED camera, but yeah, even though I get better results than with other sensors that I’ve tried, these are not very satisfying yet.

Hi @francisco.rl
if you have a few example pictures they can be useful to better evaluate your problem and find a possible solution for it.
Have you considered getting a ZED2i camera with polarizing filters that can help reduce the effect of reflective surfaces?

Hi! Thanks for your answer. Yes, I considered the ZED 2i, maybe I’ll try it the future. Right now I’m still trying to make this one work. Here’s a picture of the part I’m trying to scan right now, it is a shiny pot.Processing: example_picture.png…