Yaw estimation in positional tracking

We use a zed2 camera mounted on a drone for positional tracking with a jetson nano in indoor environments. We observe poor performance in yaw estimation, which accumulates error even if we are not rotating about the z-axis. It also accumulates error in roll and pitch.
Any suggestions for improvement

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Errors in pitch and roll is really weird, since accelerometers are very good in that matter. Can you share a sample of code, and maybe some hardware specific details ? Temperature, vibrations, magnetism…?


Antoine Lassagne
Senior Developer - ZED SDK
Stereolabs Support

We used the ROS node in a Jetson nano. I attach this rosbag, in which the camera is static.

thanks for your reply

Hi @carlosDronomy
can you please record an SVO from the drone while flying around?
The rosbag is not useful to debug the behaviors of the ZED SDK. With the SVO we can simulate your configuration and test it as if the camera is connected to our PCs.
Please send it to support@stereolabs.com with a description of your configuration.
Thank you