Writing an SVO File using Python API


I am reading an SVO file and loading a calibration matrix obtained from an underwater calibration routine for my application.

I want to create a new now SVO file with the applied calibration matrix. Is this possible to do using the python API? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Does your calibration follow a standard Rad/Tan model? If so you can refer to this documentation to be able to use it directly into the ZED SDK.
If you want to directly update our calibration file you can find it in /usr/local/zed/settings/ (or in ProgramData if you use Windows).

SVO files does not contains pre-computed data (nor calibration), so no need to re-save the same SVO with the new calibration. You can playback the same svo with different calibration values to check the impact. The factory calibration can be retrieved with ZED_Explorer if needed.

Recording a SVO from the python API: zed-examples/svo recording/recording/python at master · stereolabs/zed-examples · GitHub


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