Woodchip measurement

Hello I’m looking to measure surface and volumeof woodchips Processing: IMG_1605 (002).jpg… Would the ZED 2 be a good tool? My first step would be to know the measurements of a sample chips

Hi @nmeagher
I’m sorry, but I cannot see the image you attached. Can you share it again?
What is the order of magnitude of the measurements you want to make?

I’d like to measure about 100 pieces at a time 4-6 times a date. The second step will be to measure this directly on the the conveyer if possible

What are the overall dimensions of the woodchips?
The ZED cameras have a depth precision of 1% with respect to the measured depth value.
You could detect the woodchips by using artificial intelligence methods and then extract the relative depth information with the camera, but all depends on the real dimensions of the objects that you want to detect.

Unfortunatly, I’m not a developer but I think this camera and technology can help us achieve our goal. Do you have a register of developers that could help me out with this issue?

I’m sorry, but we cannot provide this information because of our privacy policies.
You can ask on the forum if there is someone that can help you with your task.

Is this the appropriate Forum to ask or should I post elsewhere

This is the right place, I suggest you post a message in a new thread explaining your requirements.

Thank-you I’ll do that

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