WIN10_PYTHON_API, import Error: DLL load

Hello, i use laptop with GeForce MX330, Windows 10.
Get and install:

Cofiguration in the terminal (i dont see CUDA in a list, but it was installed):

All clearly was installed, “pyzed” is in the enviroment, but when i trying to run sample, i get
“import as sl
ImportError: DLL load failed”:

Try to build API form: zed-python-api/src at master · stereolabs/zed-python-api · GitHub ,
try some other versions of CUDA-SDK-Python, but always get this Error.

Is there any way to solve this problem on Windows?

Hello and thank you for reaching us out,

A “simple” installation of the .whl will not work because Windows will not find the .dll file if you are using Python >=3.8.
To solve this :

  • Run python -m pip show pyzed
    You’ll obtain a directory.
  • Take the files sl_ai64.dll and sl_zed64.dll from C:/Program Files (x86)/ZED SDK/bin and copy them into the directory you obtained in the first step.
    Our script does that already, but maybe yours failed for some reason.

Be aware that every python virtual environment needs its own pyzed installation and dll copies.