Why is local video streaming slowing down when i play youtube video?

Hi all,

I’m using the camera streaming sample to stream video from zed mini. The zed mini is connected to jetson xavier which runs the streamer. On my pc with nvidia gtx 1660 the receiver is running.

The streaming params are as recommended here Local Video Streaming | Stereolabs.

The streaming is run correctly. But when I play any youtube video the receiver is slow down and this warning “[Streaming] Warning: Corrupted frame chunk received (recv: 196 / expect 4112) from ip : ip at ts 1517171178778(ms)” is raised in the receiver console application.

Can anyone help me in this problem?
Thanks in advance.

Hi @muhammad.ali
Welcome to the Stereolabs community.

If I correctly understood the streaming works correctly if you are not playing YouTube, are you on a cabled network or WiFi?

Hi @Myzhar
Thank you for your replying. I’m on a cabled network.