Why can't get the calibration value

Hi, According to https://www.stereolabs.com/docs/api/structsl_1_1SensorParameters.html and https://www.stereolabs.com/docs/api/structsl_1_1CameraInformation.html

But i got 0 value

# code like this
    sensors_param = sl.SensorParameters()
    cam = sl.Camera()
    res = sl.Resolution(0,0)
    cam_info = sl.CameraInformation(cam, res)
    print(cam_info.calibration_parameters_raw.left_cam.fx) # get 0 
    print(sensors_param.random_walk) # get 0

it’s something wrong ? thx for help

Hi @tkal
the behavior is correct, you are asking for the camera parameters for a null resolution:
res = sl.Resolution(0,0)
Try to replace 0,0 with the correct width and height set when you opened the camera.

You can also use the following code, as described in the documentation:

calibration_params = zed.get_camera_information().camera_configuration.calibration_parameters
# Focal length of the left eye in pixels
focal_left_x = calibration_params.left_cam.fx
# First radial distortion coefficient
k1 = calibration_params.left_cam.disto[0]
# Translation between left and right eye on z-axis
tz = calibration_params.T.z
# Horizontal field of view of the left eye in degrees
h_fov = calibration_params.left_cam.h_fov