Which of the two camera perameters do i need to use in sterio rectification

Linux: /usr/local/zed/tools/settings i have got my camera calibration file. however i noticed i got camera parameters(fx,fy,cx,cy) for both left and right cameras. but in opencv i need to use only one group of camera parameters. which camera parameters i should use? left or right can you guide me please.

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Can you please post a link to the OpenCV guide that you are following to better understand what information you need?

thanks for the reply. i am following this tutorial.https://betterprogramming.pub/point-cloud-computing-from-rgb-d-images-918414d57e80 my goal is to create organized point cloud from the depth map. i have got point cloud from zed but it is unorganized. so i am trying to convert the depth map into point cloud to get matrix like structure.

In the above link they used fx,fy,cx,cy of depth camera perameters. what is depth camera in zed. and which camera fx,fy,cx,cy should i used?

@mannem the ZED is not active RGBD device, but a passive Stereo Camera.
There are no depth sensors, but the depth map is extracted by the ZED SDK with stereo processing.
I suggest you explore the online documentation and test the Github examples to get used to the available functions.

thank you for the suggestion. one last question. zed-sdk is giving me depth map and unorganized point cloud. can i get organized point cloud using zed? if not can i convert the depth map given by zed into organized point cloud? thanks in advance

The point cloud you retrieve is “organized” already. It’s projected in the same order than the image pixels, and it’s stored in 2D.
If this order does not suit you, you can always reoder it as you wish.