Where is the ROS object detection code located?

I am wondering where the code for the ROS od is located? I’ve seen the rviz-plugin for the visualization and the .launch file for example to set the path of a .svo file etc and to run the od with roslaunch zed_display_rviz diesplay_zed.launch but I need to do modifications in the od code. I do not need the rviz visualisation. Instead I need to sequentially load a batch of .svo files, perform object detection and save relevant information into rosbags. I assume that I have to rewrite the code in the zed_wrapper_nodelet.cpp, right?

Hi @hgutze
why do you need to modify the nodelet code for this feature?
You can instead create a shell batch file that starts the ZED Node with the SVO as input for each of your SVO:

roslaunch zed_wrapper <camera_model>.launch svo_file:=<full_path_to_the_svo>

To correctly start the Object Detection module when the node starts you must set the parameter object_detection/od_enabled to true in the YAML file.

What camera model are you using?

@Myzhar thx for the reply. I am using a zed2 camera.

In that case you must call the command

roslaunch zed_wrapper zed2.launch svo_file:=<full_path_to_the_svo>

or the command

roslaunch zed_display_rviz display_zed2.launch svo_file:=<full_path_to_the_svo>

to start also Rviz