When the wall or paper close to the camera with the distance about 0.3m, the camera lose the position tracking and the state shows "SEARCHING'

If I run the ‘positional_tracking.py’ file and move the camera close to the wall, the pose information has a large drift and the state stuck on “SEARCHING” and I can not get the correct pose of the camera. How can I fix this problem to get the pose of the camera even it is close to a plane or an object?

Hi @chris-s907,

The easiest solution would be to use the last value before going into SEARCHING, as under 0.3m (especially looking at a uniform surface) most of our cameras, the not “Mini” models, will fail to give an accurate depth, used for the positional tracking. They will then go into searching state.

More info on how to avoid drift/jump when getting out of the searching state: IMPROVE POSITIONAL TRACKING