When can we expect camera triggering SDK release?

One of the systems I am designing is heavily reliant on the ability to strobe lighting in sync with the camera, which means triggering the ‘shutter’ directly rather than using sl.grab. This feature was our primary reason for purchasing the zed-x cameras and the lack of it is causing serious headaches. Can you please provide a timeline for when this functionality will be available?

Hi @multicore-manticore
the external sync feature will be initially added to the new version of the GMSL2 capture card (4x inputs and 1x input) that will be released in Q4 2023.
We will also release an updated version of the 2x inputs card with this feature.

Will there be a software-based feature to allow for camera triggering before then?

As I understand it, sl.grab fetches the ‘latest’ frame from a constant feed at a known frame-rate. By grabbing a frame and noting the timestamp, we should be able to predict all future timestamps. Would we then be able to specify grab to fetch a frame with a specific timestamp rather than the ‘latest’?

I’m sorry, but this option is not available in the SDK.