What strategy to record the anmationof avatar in unreal

Hi i wonder based on the sample what strategy can be done to recrods the animation of my avatar and avoiding spawning and killing avatar . Thanks

Hi @vjblind1, welcome to the forums!

I suppose it depends on the output you need. The ZED SDK does not provide a way to record animations out of the box.
You could probably use the Take Recorder or Unreal Engine 5. If you need the positions and/or rotations of the avatars’ keypoints, you can make a script to extract and save them from our BodyData structures (see the blueprints referring to the body tracking for example).

Yes the recorder s my way to go but have a hard time to get the avatar stable. Like make 1 at the begning and feed ani anmation of the avatar 0 ( i saw a system of array). need to change the step of the exemple script bleuprint. I will retry today.

but how you can keep the avatar he pop and go generated by the zed script any strategy