What is the Best method to use Muliple Zed2i camera?


I’m looking to use three ZED 2i cameras to track at least 10 to 15 people in a room that measures 32 feet by 17 feet. We’ve experimented with ZED Fusion, but it hasn’t proven to be a reliable solution when integrated with Unity 3D. We’re facing issues with accurate position tracking and significant drops in frames per second (FPS) – down to 15 FPS with the three-camera setup.

We’ve conducted a thorough analysis of this issue, which you can find in this forum thread: Need help to setup multiple zed camera Setup

Our primary goal is to have multiple cameras working within a single application to achieve depth detection. We are not specifically looking for skeleton detection; we are focused on depth detection.

We are currently attempting this within a Unity application, but Unity seems to struggle when loading multiple cameras in a single application. It takes a long time to load, and sometimes it fails to load altogether. Are there any other platforms or solutions that allow for the easy use of depth maps to track 10 to 15 people in this scenario?


Hi @JKR,

You should be able to load up to 8 cameras without issues. We have a fix coming for the opening time of the cameras in the next version of the SDK (dropping very soon, max next week).

You could implement an application of your own outside of unity to visualize the depth. Our last Body Tracking Fusion C++ sample has an option to show the point clouds of the cameras for example. You could run the body tracking or not, you can disable the body tracking in the code.