What does POSITIONAL_TRACKING_STATE = 5 indicate?

In a dataset, the POSITIONAL_TRACKING_STATE is usually 1 (OK), but intermittently it is 5. As far as I can tell from the API docs, the enum should only go up to 4 – see Positional Tracking Module | API Reference | Stereolabs

Context: I’m using a ZED2i, SDK v4.0.8. I’ve logged the ros traffic to a bag file, and am reading it with rosbag in python.

Does anyone know what 5 means?

Hi @thandal
5 is not a valid state.
Are you getting it by using the SDK natively (C++? Python?) or the ROS wrapper?

I’m using the ros wrapper, I see this in the /zed/zed_node/pose/status and /zed/zed_node/odom/status messages. Usually the status is 1, but it intermittently spikes to 5.


Maybe related: when I plot geo_pose status, it goes from 0 to 1 at exactly the same time that pose/odom status go from 1 to 5!