Video record GPU\codec problem


I’m trying to record a video and save it to an svo file by using the svo recording python example script from stereolabs git repository. However when running the script the camera object returns the error “SVO UNSUPPORTED HARDWARE FOR COMPRESSION” as depicted in following pseudo code:

recording_param = sl.RecordingParameters(path_output, sl.SVO_COMPRESSION_MODE.H264)
err = cam.enable_recording(recording_param)

I have an NVIDIA quadro p520 GPU and also a CPU with integrated graphics (Intel R UHD graphics). This GPU should support H264 encoding. My drivers are up to date and after reinstalling them this issue keeps repeating.

Can someone please offer some help on how should I resolve this ?

Kind regards


Unfortunately, your GPU doesn’t seem to have a hardware encoder as you can see in the Nvidia GPU support matrix and we don’t support intel hardware currently.

Thank you for clearing this up.