Utilizing Zed2i for longer range solutions


I want to inquire about the viability of utilizing Zed2i for longer range solutions.

Currently, I am using the USB 3.0 Type-C Dual Screw Locking Cables, which are 10 meters in length, to capture image and depth data from four Zed2i cameras. However, I am considering the possibility of extending these cables to 20 meters using USB 3.0 Type-A Active extension cables, also 10 meters in length. Before proceeding with this setup, I would appreciate some clarification regarding its potential impact on real-time capture, data transfer rate, and bandwidth.

Could you kindly provide information on how such an extension might affect the aforementioned factors? Any insights or recommendations you can offer would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @Oluwaseun
We advise you not to use the ZED 2i with a cable longer than 10 m even if an active extension.
The number of broken frames will raise as the connection will be much more unstable.

We suggest using instead the local streaming module provided by the ZED SDK:

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