Using Zed X as webcam using WebRTC

Hi All,

We want to have video streaming from a Zed X which is connected to a Jetson AGX Orin in one location and receives it in a PC in another location. They are connected through the internet. Simply, the Zed X must work as a webcam.
Our solution for this issue is using WebRTC, so what I needed to know is whether the Zed X is capable of working as a webcam. And, how to use WebRTC with Zed X?


Hi @NeginHeiran
the ZED X camera cannot be opened using webcam applications based on the UVC standard that is only available to USB devices.
You can leverage GStreamer to stream the video over WebRTC. We provide the GStreamer elements to acquire ZED camera information and ingest them in a GStreamer pipeline:

Thank you @Myzhar for your support.
Would you please let me know how much delay will occur by using GStreamer?

This is not a fixed value and it does not depend on us.
You must tune the GStreamer pipeline settings to reach the required right compromise between stream quality and stream latency.
On the internet, you can find guides to accomplish this type of process.

I understand, thank you for your help. We’re working on GStreamer.