Using ZED SDK with latest Unity/VisualStudio

I used the Zed SDK with my Zed Mini a few years ago, and had only a few little issues, but got it working. Now, I’m now trying to use the Zed Unity Package with the latest Unity version, and encountering numerous issues getting it to work with the new XR Plugin system. So I thought I’d use the latest Visual Studio to make my own C# wrapper … nope! Used Cmake to build the samples / helloZed projects, and they wont compile or run correctly. Something about the DLL supplied is release, and wont work with my project in debug mode (but I need the debug mode to test and learn).

I’m out of ideas and just about ready to box up my Zed and shove it in the closet again. :frowning: Can anyone provide a VS2019 project that produces both a sl_zed64.dll and sl_zed64d.dll? Or perhaps a Unity package that works with Unity 2020? Y’know — 'cause its 2021 now? :wink:


As you said, for the moment the Unity plugin is only available with the old input system which is depreciated since Unity 2020. It is planned to update the plugin for a future release, in the mean time, please use a 2019 version like 2019.4 which is LTS.

Indeed, it is not possible to build the samples in Debug mode, use RelWithDebInfo instead.

I apologize for the inconvenience,

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Benjamin Vallon

Well, I’m relieved to see that an update is planned, and that you are responsive to your community. I’ll do as you suggest, and play around with the older Unity version until a newer package is available. Thanks for your reply. :+1:

Hi all,

These are great news, I hope to use the new XR sistem with ZED mini in my projects.

Thanks. :+1:


There is a new version of the Unity plugin available here : GitHub - stereolabs/zed-unity at xr_compatibility_3.5 that is compatible with the new versions of Unity and the XR Management plugin.

Do not hesitate to try it out and give us your feedbacks.

Benjamin Vallon