Using ZED 2i with Varjo X4 Headset


I am currently spatial mapping with zed 2i, zed box, & unity plugin. I am spatial mapping by streaming ZED camera feed from zed box machine into unity. This was all previously working. Currently I am trying to add a package for the headset that I plan on using which is the Varjo X4. The unity package can be found here However, when I add this package to my project and go through my previous spatial mapping workflow the mapping and camera stop after about a few seconds and freeze. I am unsure why this may be happening? Does anyone have any advice or ideas for how to trouble shoot this? Are there additional project setting steps that need to be applied in order to use these two packages together? Any feedback appreciated. Thank you!

Hello @fallygal,

At the moment, we interface with headsets through either the Oculus, OpenVR or OpenXR plugins. I think this raises compatibility issues with Varjo, but we are not able to test it with this headset so it’s difficult to give you specific guidelines, sorry.

We’re currently working on opening our Unity plugin a bit more by open-sourcing our dedicated SDK wrapper, which should allow easier debugging, but I can’t give you an ETA yet.