Using the passthrough with the ZED M in UnrealEngine5.1

I’ve seen some demos with AR/VR passthrough reprojection for low latency. I then tried to find any pointer in that direction, but all I could find was 2 years or older. So I was wondering if it’s still possible to use the passthrough with reprojection in UnrealEngine5.1 with the latest SDK 4.x?

Any pointers in the right directions would be very helpful, thank you :slight_smile:

Hello @0y8w1x,

Unfortunately, we don’t support AR/VR with HMDs in the UE5 plugin. The only tips we could give can be found in this GitHub issue: as we’re completely removing the AR/VR code from the plugin in the recent versions, you can base yourself on older versions where the AR/VR code is still present but commented out. We will not be able to provide support for this.

However, we still maintain AR/VR with the Unity plugin, and most of the AR/VR content you have seen may come from Unity. May I ask if and why you’re bound to use Unreal Engine?


gotcha, thank you.

I’m fortunately not bound to unreal, but I already have experience with it.
I’ll move on with Unity then :v: