USB Extension Cable

Hi, I have a ZED 2 camera and I want to use that for robotic application so that i need an extension cable. I have checked this link Extension cable, Have u tested with Linux?
And their price differ too much. Do u think it is that much importtant to buy expensive for only Rgb and depth images?


The extensions recommended were both tested on Linux and Windows. The ZED cameras require a lot of bandwidth with its 2 sensors and high resolution/framerate, so cheaper extensions tend to degrade a lot the image stream (choppy images, green and purple artifacts, etc) or even fail to sufficiently power the camera, especially for longer ones or when plug on front ports (typically having less power).
You can try cheaper USB3 extensions for short distances (say < 1-2m) but it may significantly impact the reliability and quality of the system.

And what about shorter cables?
I tried this one but it did not work, I have no idea why. The camera led would not turn on (I have a zed mini)

At first glance this cable should work, however, the ZED Mini USB C plug is sided, did you try flipping it? Did lsusb report something at all (like the IMU only maybe)?

ok thanks, you were spot on, when I plug the cable the other way around, the camera light up and work fine. Thanks for the suggestion.
Now the issue is that, unluckily for me, this is not the way I wanted to connect that cable (it is a 90° cable to reduce the front profile size of my project but the cable has to go along the back of the camera, not toward the front of it), I need to connect it the other way around…
I did buy another 90° adaptor, but same issue, it works on one side only which is not the side I need…
Any workaround on the software side to enable me to flip the USB cable connection? Or do I need to DIY the cable and re-solder the wires?

I understand, unfortunately it’s hardware. If possible you could use a USB-C to USB-C cable, those can be flipped. If your PC doesn’t have a USB-C plug, maybe a USB-C to USB-A converter, if that exists for USB >= 3.0, I’m not sure.

Ok thanks for the usb-c to usb-c adapter suggestion. That plus a usb-c to Usb-A cable gives me flexibility, I did test it and it works. It adds a bit of weight and cost but I am going to take that route since that is my only safe option for now.

Thank you @adujardin ,

UL-EX-HF-10M has a MOQ of 10 pcs

I contacted to Newnex for " UL-EX-HF-10M " cables they have minimum order quantity of 10 pcs.
Probably we will go for " Cable Matters Active USB Extension Cable " , As i see it is also recommended by you. I assume there is not any data missing even if we work with 2k resolution.

I am also facing same problem, I wanna use zed 2i for virtual production, where as I have to attach this to a camera. Lots of movements will be there. So I need length extension cable or wireless option. Pls suggest me the options?

@MBaranPeker have you already seen the cable options for ZED2i on the Stereolabs store?

@Myzhar Thanks. Already handled.

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Sorry @MBaranPeker the reply was for @sudheeeer that was asking for more information.
I’m glad you solved your issue.

any wireless options @Myzhar ? how u handled @MBaranPeker

@sudheeeer Wireless? Can you explain better what you mean?

@Myzhar connecting zed 2i to a transmitter, so that without connecting the 10m cable to computer. working wireless.

You need a USB3 to radio converter. We do never tested such a kind of product.
The easier solution is to exploit the streaming module and set up a WiFi communication by using a device based on Nvidia Jetson like our ZED Box: