USB Connection Issue with the ZED Mini camera

Hello all!
I recently started using the ZED Mini camera for a research project.
The camera should be used with the HTC Vive Cosmos HMD.
Our PC has in total 10 USB-A ports, and 1 USB-C port. Some of those USB-A ports support 3.0 and 3.1 as well.
Currently we have no long USB cable, but I tried what we have in the lab.

It is pretty interesting to see none of USB-C to USB-A cables we have did not work with ZED Mini.
I believe this is because of the cable specs, as I know that ZED Mini uses both USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 interfaces for sending the image and navigation info.

I used a USB-C to USB-C cable, surprisingly this one worked!
I also checked the USB interfaces with a software, when I connected that USB-C to USB-C cable there existed 2 interfaces at the same time: one is USB 2.0 and the other is USB 3.0. This cable might be Thunderbolt 3, but I am not sure anyway.

Now, as the current USB-C cable is so short, as 50 cm, I need at least a 4 meter cable.

Do you think I have to purchase the one being sold on the stereolabs (ZED Mini USB 3.0 Type-C Cable - 4m (13 ft) – Stereolabs Inc.), or is there any other, nicer, and longer cable that I can take a look?
I actually would love to use a USB-C to USB-C cable but this option has never been mentioned in the stereolabs website, even though it seems it is compatible with the ZED Mini camera.

Hi @egeDRD
Welcome to the Stereolabs community.

When you work with the ZED Mini you must be sure that you connect the TypeC cable on the camera side in the right verse because it is not reversible and it works only on one side.
Regarding the extension cables, we recommend using the solutions available in our store because they have been tested and validated.

Dear @Myzhar , thanks for your comment.

I am actually aware that the USBC side is not reversible, hence I paid much more attention to this detail. Each cable I have was tested for both sides.

Currently the only cable I made worked is the USBC to USBC, this might be Thunderbolt3 but I am not sure anyway. When I check the USB ports, it creates 2 ports after I connect, one USB3.0 and one USB2.0, which is the correct connection as long as I know.

I also made one USBC to USBA cable worked, however that one caused glitches in the camera stream. After I disconnect and connect the cable, no connection was possible at all…

Today I am going to order the 4meter USBC to USBA cable from
But I did not expect this connection to be that much problematic.

This is correct, the USB3 stream is for the video, and the USB2 stream is for the IMU data.

Consider that the bandwidth and the framerate required by the ZED data are really high, so a not-good cable, without the right shielding can lead to very unreliable data transmission.

I see.
In this case, is there no option to have a long (5-6 meter) connection cable without spending lots of money on fiber cables?
The only long cable I find is the 4 meter one on the stereolabs website. Any longer is no possible without extension additions?

For longer distances, you need an active powered extension cable.

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