Usability and openXR

I search a solution to do Greenscreening/Chromacast and overlay the stream via OpenXR to Microsoft FlightSimulator. Here’s what I want to reach:
I have built a 1:1 cockpit and I want to interact with it. I not need to see the cockpit - I just have to make sure that all switches are exactely in the same place as in the virtual cockpit. Therefore I plan to paint my cockpit and all environment green with exception of the floor and the pilot itselft, so he can see himself sitting and his hands.

1.) Is this possible to do ?
2.) Are there any developers who would contribute to this as I have no experience with OpenXR

If have already drafted a small list of needed funtions besides chromakeying, but the software is actually very limited.

Thank you for every input or contribution

Hello @MikeLima, welcome to the forums!

I think users in this thread were trying to achieve something similar, it might be worth a shot to tag them here.

As it stands, on Stereolabs’ side, we won’t be able to help much. Taking a look at our Unity green screen sample can’t hurt, but that’s all we have to offer I think. Please feel free to ask any question you might have though.