Unreliable dropped frames while recording

I’m working on a project where we want to collect a very large amount of data using ZED cameras and Jetson boards. We have been hitting an issue where a large number of frames are being silently dropped, sometimes 100+ in a row, which makes it unusable for our purposes. We are currently using a ZED Mini with a Jetson Nano 2 GB (CUDA 10.2, jetpack 4.5.1, ZED SDK 3.5.3) and recording with ZED_Explorer onto a high-end SD card (Lexar Professional 1000x). We still get dropped frames using desktop hardware with an SSD and 3080, although (significantly) fewer. We are checking for dropped frames using frame timestamps from ZED SDK but the skips are visually clear and disruptive when watching the video (at least with the Jetson).

On the Nano 2 GB, for example, one time, we saw over 1000 dropped frames in 8 minutes at 30 FPS. Encoding (AVCHD vs HEVC) doesn’t seem to matter much. Swapping SD card doesn’t help. Lowering FPS does seem to help a bit but we really want 30 FPS. Also, the dropped frames are typically in chunks: we’ll have 50 dropped frames in a row occasionally but typically just a few in a row every now and then.

Does this issue have a known resolution? I would really appreciate any ideas.

Hi @noyes108
to record SVO files on Jetson Nano with limited frame dropping you need to use an SSD disk, but the Jetson Nano 2GB misses the M.2 connector. SD card writing speeds are too low to allow a reliable SVO recording process.
Memory mass write speed is a critical parameter for this kind of operation.

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