Unreal receive Livelink data from remote PC

Working on Unreal application and looking for a solution to receive Livelink data from remote PC on local network. Setup is ZED2 >USB>PC [ZedLiveLink] > LAN > PC [UE App]

Is this possible to do, what needs to be set on UDP section in UE settings?

Thanks all.


Thanks for reaching us out.

It is completely possible with our Live link sample available here.

You might need to enable UDP messaging in Unreal. To do so, go to EditProject SettingsUDP Messaging and check the Enable by default option**.**

It is also possible that your firewall will block the messages, so if you are not receiving anything, you can try to disable it.

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Benjamin Vallon

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Thanks Benjamin,

It works if UE and LiveLink is run on same PC, but not if Levlink is on remote PC. I did try disabling firewalls on both PCs, but no luck. Do I need to specify IP address of the remote PC where Livelink is running? What ports are used for comms, could it be down to network firewall blocking?


No you don’t need to specify the IP address in the UE project, it should detect it.

You can have more detailed informations on the livelink plugin in the UE documentation : https://docs.unrealengine.com/5.0/en-US/live-link-in-unreal-engine/.

Stereolabs Support

hi, hope it is ok to post here.
i successfully build livelink with ue 5.0.2,
however, when i move the created app folder containing the zed2.exe,
and try to run it from a different path (lets say desktop on same pc, instead of where the directory was initially build) i get an error (flashes and closes immediately, before i got an error that some path was missing, pointing to the build directory…)
is it possible, to configure the created app in a way that it can be run elsewhere.
ideal would be to run on different pc,
so i can copy/paste it to different systems.



I think you are not using the Body tracking feature but only send the camera position through live link, right ?

If so, can you try this branch of the repo instead ?

An exe is already shared and should work on different machines.

The live link sample will be slightly improved for the next release :

  • We will share the built version of the sample (the .exe).
  • All the settings will be stored in a config file (resolution, fps, depth mode,…). That way, you won’t need to rebuild the sample after modifying one setting, you only have to change it in the JSON file.

To sum up, with the next version, you won’t need to build the sample yourself at all.
That will be our first step to drastically improve the live link sample.

The next step will be focused on the Virtual production workflow, in order to provide a complete and easy to use pipeline for those who use our camera in VP applications. We gathered a lot of your feedbacks in that regard and we plan to address them in the next releases. This will require more time and won’t be available with the 3.8 version but later.

Benjamin Vallon

awesome, thx a lot.
i will try that out for the “normal camera position/rotation” tracking,
but i do indeed plan to use the body tracking feature via livelink with unreal.


Hi Benjamin,

When are you planning to have the next release?