Unreal Engine 5 - Body 38 and 70 make jittery motion


I have a Zed2i and using it with a system:

  • ZED SDK 4.0
  • Cuda Toolkit 11.8
  • Unreal Engine 5.1
  • RTX3080Ti(Hardware)

By the selection of Body 34, everything works perfectly in terms of body tracking and frame rate(Ultra - Accurate). As soon as I select 38 and 70 again in Ultra and Accurate options, both camera image and mannequin start to jitter, especially fingers are not trackable anymore.

I tried to reduce accuracy like Performance and Medium, but the problem still valid even with 38 keypoints. There seems to be no failure in terms of USB speed, because I can get 2K 15fps video output from ZED Explorer without any frame drop.

Do you have a similar problem ? Maybe ZED SDK 4.0 is not %100 ready, or I made something wrong. I would be appreciated by any kindly support.

Best regards,


Which SDK version are you using? The v4.0.2 release of the ZED SDK slightly improved the SDK but you are right, those detection models are still in Early access and we did not reach the quality we are aiming for yet.

We are still working on it at the moment and plan to improve it progressively in the next patches of the SDK. I would recommend the 1080/30 fps or 720/60 resolution as the number of FPS is very important to get good results, especially during fast movements.