Unreal Engine 5.1 Cannot get body tracking working Zed 1

I have walked through all the steps instilling the SDK from Sterolabs instilling Visual Studios and building the project files and compiling in VS changing project setting and setting on the blueprints. I click the play button and stand infront of my zed but no person shows up for tracking. do I need to add a person to the scene for it to trigger what settings or steps am I missing. I dont know what else to do, I bought the zed 1 camera for a other software package only to find out its only works with zed 2, I really hope I can get my zed 1 working.


I’m sorry but the Object detection module is not supported on the ZED 1 camera.

Benjamin Vallon

Stereolabs Support

welp is there anything I can do with my zed 1 for motion capture or do I just have a glorified webcam now,? you should probably update your documentation say this will not work on the zed 1and list the models it only works with. would have saved some time I spent like a few days trouble shooting it. what did you even make the zed 1 to work with then, and why cant the zed 1 work with unreal engine? is there such a fundamental hardware difference between them that cant be modified? I can get the xbox one kentic to have basic functionality in unreal so is the zed 1 hardware interior to a xbox kentic? this is so frustrating to pick these devices up be cant be used more than a paper weight or a webcam…

Indeed, it’s mentioned in the Object detection documentation (here https://www.stereolabs.com/docs/object-detection/) but not in the UE5 section.

The main reason the Object detection does not work is that the ZED1 does not have an IMU sensor required for this module.

Stereolabs Support

well if I cant use it for unreal is there any applications or sdk on the site I could use for the zed1. was the zed1 just for scanning objects to make meshes when the zed1 came out? what kind of stuff was being used for it it would be maybe cool to do something with it besides a 140$ webcam.