Unity ZED plugin - HDRP issues

I noticed some issues with the HDRP pipeline in Unity 2021.3.1 lts - maybe someone could confirm this behaviour?


  • Created a new unity project (HDRP)
  • Added SteamVR
  • Added ZED Plugin (+solved all “issues” in the startup panel)
  • Upgraded Plugin to HDRP through the menu bar
  • Opened Planetarium Example Scene

Somehow the videostream inside the HMD (Vive Pro) is way darker than displayed inside the Unity Editor. Additionally, the directional light causes the videostream to go completely black when looking into the light origin. (E.g. best lighting when looking down, having the light come from the back and a black frame when looking up in the direction of the origin). This is done without ZEDLight script attached. This might be fixed when changing the materials of the frame (Mat_ZED_HDRP_Lit) to “Unlit” (inside the material editor - then the “Frame”-objects are not affected by the directional light) but still, the videostream is still darker when shown inside the Unity editor.

Already tried steps:

  • Deleting the Rig and replacing it with a new Stereo-Rig-Prefab after upgrading the plugin
  • Creating a SRP project and then adding the ZED Plugin (it works here with SRP), upgrading project to HDRP Pipeline, upgrading Plugin to HDRP
  • Changing the Camera Settings (brightness) inside the ZedRig - this results into the image getting bleeding white, yet the image won’t get brighter, as if there is a black (half transparent) layer is put on top of the output

Anything that I’ve overseen?

(Tech: ZedMini2)


Thanks for reaching us out.

I’ll try to reproduce this issue on my side and see what could cause this. I’ll keep you inform when I have more informations about that.

Thanks again for your feedback.

Best regards,
Benjamin Vallon

Stereolabs Support

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