Unity-ZED additional camera always overridden by the ZED feed on any display

I want to add another camera to a project including a ZED Mini mounted on a Vive headset (using OpenVR in Unity 2020.3). The camera is not a ZED camera, just an object with a normal camera component. No matter which display I render to, the feed is always overridden by the ZED mini. Basically, any display rendering a camera will always just show the same ZED Mini.
Any suggestions?


The Plugin is made to display to left and right images of the ZED inside the Headset.

Could you explain me a little more what you want to do ? It will help me understand your problem.

Benjamin Vallon

Thanks for your reply BenjaminV. I want to also use another Camera (not ZED ) and render it to another display in the Unity game view. However , if I have a Camera rendering, let’s say, on Display 3 (while ZED mirrors the left eye on Display 1 ) even Display 3 will show the left eye of the ZED Camera. Changing the priority of the cameras does not solve the issue.

This problem happens when using a ZED camera ( mono or stereo) in a project that also enables OpenVR, while it is absent if OpenVR is deactivated . The problem is also absent if using exclusively OpenVR without ZED .