Unity with two ZED 2i cameras

I have two ZED_Rig_Mono prefabs representing two ZED 2i cameras. How can I switch the main game screen from one camera to the other? I’ve tried changing tags, setting hierarchy. Tried RenderTextures to render to another main camera, but the ZED_Rig_Mono seems to always dominate.

There must be an easy way to switch between them.

Thank you,

I figured it out. You assign RenderTextures to the ZED cameras in the ZED_Rig_mono prefab in the hierarchy. Then assign whichever render texture in a script to a Raw Image attached to a Canvas. That Canvas is the main display. Just switch the raw image source from texture to texture to change what camera you are looking out from. Works.

Hi @RobotMachines,

Glad to hear you’ve found a way to do this! Marking as solved for anyone else who wants to perform this.

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