Unity Jitter and non-AR passthrough

I have a ZED 2 setup with Unity and an Oculus Rift and am able to passthrough from the camera to the headset.

What I am trying to do is display frames from the ZED directly to the Rift, I have no need to add objects to the scene. I understand Unity is overkill for this, but I am not aware of other options.

When displaying to the Rift with a static ZED the frame jitters as I move the Rift. I assume this is because Unity is trying to re-render any AR objects in the scene when it detects movement in the Rift.

Is there a way to disable all AR processing and just use Unity as a way to pass frames from the ZED to the Rift? Or is there another tool I should use if I simply want to pass frames from the ZED to the Rift?


If I understand correctly, your ZED is static and you are displaying the frame into a VR headset, is it correct ? Using Unity is completely fine for that.

You can try to disable the camera tracking. For that, in the ZEDManager.cs inspector window (the script is attached on the Camera rig Game Object), uncheck “enable tracking”.

Best regards,
Benjamin Vallon