Understand the FPS difference in image and depth

Hi all,

When checking the ZED_Depth_viewer, I noticed the FPS of the image and depth can be different, for example, I use HD720 60FPS resolution setting, the camera FPS shows 60 fps, and the depth shows around 45 fps. I understand this can be affected by the depth settings.

My question is what’s the behavior of retrieving the image and depth pair every frame with the SDK in 60 fps mode?
What should I expect when the depth FPS is smaller than camera FPS?
Is the Camera.grab FPS limited by depth FPS, so if I turn on depth calculation, I will only get 45 FPS?


@originlake the grab function is the main core of the ZED SDK.
Calling grab, which is a blocking function, you are performing all the elaborations (depth estimation, positional tracking, mapping, ecc) required to provide you with all the data available next by calling the retrieveXXX functions, according to what module is enabled.

So if you set camera franìmerate to 60 Hz and you are getting the depth map at 45 Hz, it means that the computational power of your machine (mostly GPU) is not enough to elaborate the image stream at full FPS.