Unable to use Numpy 1.19.2

I am trying to use the python api in my environement. Everything works fine if i have numpy 1.21.3
My problem is that i need numpy 1.19.2 in my environement for Tensorflow 2.6.0 but everytime I downgrade my numpy to 1.19.2 I have this error :

import pyzed.sl
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 1, in
File “pyzed\sl.pyx”, line 1, in init pyzed.sl
ValueError: numpy.ndarray size changed, may indicate binary incompatibility. Expected 88 from C header, got 80 from PyObject

Windows 10
Python 3.8.10
SDK 3.6
CUDA 11.3

Pyzed SDK says it only needs Numpy 1.13+, Is it possible to fix this problem?

Edit: added setup