Unable to subscribe to camera, MEMORY ALREADY USED


I am having a new problem which I never had before. When trying to initiate a fused cameras script using two cameras, I get the following messages:

Try to open ZED 31193883
Camera 31193883 is open
Try to open ZED 38773556
Error opening the camera 38773556 CAMERA NOT DETECTED
Senders started, running the fusion...
Cameras in this configuration :  2
Subscribing to 31193883 COMM_TYPE.INTRA_PROCESS
Subscribing to 38773556 COMM_TYPE.INTRA_PROCESS
Unable to subscribe to 38773556 MEMORY ALREADY USED
Can't open camera:  CAMERA NOT DETECTED
Can't enable positionnal tracking:  INVALID FUNCTION CALL
Can't enable positionnal tracking:  CAMERA NOT INITIALIZED

I have never had this problem before, and looking on the forum I saw the same question which was answered by downloading SDK v4.0.2. Problem is, I am currently running SDK v4.0.3, and so I am asking for help in this new post.




This error message could pop up if one of the cameras is not connected properly.
Can you make sure both camera are properly connected, and the serial number of both cameras matches your configuration in fusion ?


Hello, after reconnecting both of the cameras and reinstalling the SDK it works fine now, thanks for the help.