Unable to connect to wifi, ZED Box Orin NX 16GB

Hello everyone.

I was testing the newly bought ZED Box Orin NX 16GB and found that the Wi-Fi adapter was not recognized, and I have no option to connect to WI-FI. But I see in the product description of ZED BOX Orin NX, “WiFi 6 connectivity” is listed.

Is WIFI adapter included in ZED Box and there’s some driver problem, or do I need to buy a USB WIFI adapter?

Thank you very much.

Hi @vivien
did you upgrade the device? If that’s the case, please install the ZED X Driver package from here (select the file that matches the current version of the OS installed on your device), to reinstall the WiFi driver.

If you do not know the version of the OS, you can find it by following the instructions provided on this support page.

Hey Myzhar,

Thank you for your fast reply. I didn’t upgrade the device, but I will try to reinstall the WiFi driver.
So the device has WiFi adapter integrated and I don’t need to buy the USB adapter? Thank you.