UE5 packaged dependencies

I packaged my project and I will be using it to different PCs. Is there a list or can you give me a list of binaries I could add to packaged project so I don’t need to install CUDA and SDK kit on every PC. I looked in documentation and couldn’t find anything how we need to handle packaged projects.
Thank you!

Hi @OneStudio, welcome to the forums

Unfortunately, there is no such list. The easiest way for now is to install the SDK and CUDA. I think it would be a painful process to link everything correctly if we tried to make an “all-included” package.

That being said, installing the ZED SDK and CUDA should just involve running both installers and be a pretty painless process. In the context of our continuous improvement, can I ask if there is a particular reason for this request?

Project will be run on multiple machines so it would be easier over time to just upgrade files in project itself than keep SDK and cuda up to date.

I understand that it would be good QoL-wise, but CUDA should not need to be updated often at all, and while we’re releasing pretty important API-breaking upgrades and fixes often right now, we’re working toward a release that will not require upgrades as often (like before the 4.0). I would probably pick a ZED SDK version and update it only sporadically in your context.

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