UE5 Aroco marker

I find zed livelink plugin,and a exe can send zed position by livelink,how can i make a exe to send aruco marker position by livelink?


You can take a look at our c++ sample that detects aruco from zed images (https://github.com/stereolabs/zed-aruco/tree/master/mono) and create a livelink sample based on that.

The main issue is that OpenCV is using the C++ standard library (mainly std::vector) which conflicts with the UE compiler. That’s why our livelink program is not directly using the C++ api of the ZED SDK but is using our C wrapper.

If you find any solution for this, do not hesitate to share it here.

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I have seen this, but it only shows the position information in the end, and I need to send the 6dof data of the camera and the 6dof data of the aruco marker to Unreal through livelink, I am not familiar with c++, can you help me? very grateful

Our livelink sample is already sending the camera position.
The aruco transform is computed here : https://github.com/stereolabs/zed-aruco/blob/master/mono/src/main.cpp#L116. The “Pose” variable contains the transform of the aruco.

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but i cant open the livelinksend.exe and the ZED_Reloc_Aruco.exe at the same time,i can only open one exe,so i must combine the two code source,but my c++ is bad,so can you help me to did this,very thanks

Yes, you need to make a custom that that combine both.

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so can you help me with this?i want do calibration on unreal,so that I can use zed as a tracker in virtual production,thanks

Hi @YaoDaDi666,

This is not yet a feature provided by our plugin. I put it in our backlog and its priority will be discussed.
In the meantime, the GitHub is open to pull requests if anybody wants to share their work on this.

If you get into implementing it, we’d be happy to answer questions on particular problems you could face.