Two cameras to obtain 3D point cloud

I have two zed2 cameras and I want them to get a 3D point cloud at the same time, which part of the manual should I refer to to modify the code.
Thank you very much.

Hi @Song
we do not provide examples of how to fuse two different point clouds from two cameras into a single cloud.
You can enhance the example that you linked by adding your fusion algorithm.
We suggest you consider using the ICP (Iterative Closest Point) algorithm available in external libraries like PCL, OpenCV, and Open3D.

Thanks for your reply, my problem now is that I don’t know how to modify this example so that it can control the camera to get the point cloud

I need to control two cameras with one device and save two point clouds at the same time, without making them into a single point cloud. So how should I modify this example, which functions need to be called. I would be very happy to hear from you, thank you very much.

The Github repositories contain many examples that explain how to perform the tasks that you are searching for, you must simply take all the different information and put them all together:
Examples and tutorial: GitHub - stereolabs/zed-examples: ZED SDK Example projects
Data saving documentation: Mat Class Reference | API Reference | Stereolabs
Multiple cameras: GitHub - stereolabs/zed-multi-camera: ZED SDK sample with multiple ZEDs

Thank you for your previous guidance, I made some attempts as you said, and now I have encountered new problems.
When I save the three -dimensional point cloud, there will be such a mistake, and then the cloud file is empty.
β€œ[ZED] [ERROR] sl::camera::Open has not been called, no Camera instance running.”

@Song please provide a code snippet. The error message is self-explaining, but the cause of it maybe different.

You can take a look here : Realtime mapping using two cameras at the same time - #4 by psykokwak

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