Transforming detected object coordinate system

I am doing interactive walls. My project has a fixed 1280 pixel : 3 meters at a 100 pixel per unit scale, so 12.8 Unity units is projected to 3 meters of wall.

I am using the ZED2 for object detection so as to add some interaction to the floor around the walls, but the coordinate system of the 3D Object Visualizer does not seem to match correctly to the that of the floor of my project. Is there any simple way to convert or transform the coordinates of the detected object to match that of my project?


Could you please send us more informations about your issues ? You can also send us screenshots or videos at if that can help us understand your problem.


Stereolabs Support

I kind of solved my issues using math to map the coordinates from ZED2’s RootTransform position and the detected object’s GetWorld3DPosition to the coordinate system based on my setup’s units. Took me a while but it works now.