Transform from left camera frame to camera body frame?

I’m looking to find the transform from the camera’s left image frame to any kind of frame attached to the camera body. I’ve searched the documentation but can’t find anything relative to the camera body, and there are obviously no CAD models available for the ZED1.


I can probably get the left camera frame’s position relative to the body in the X/Y directions in the image above, assuming that the cameras are centered relative to the body. But what I can’t determine is the position relative in the Z direction… no idea how deep the image plane is inside the body along Z.

Does anybody know where in the API this information can be obtained from? If not, does anybody have any semblance of a TF to a point on the camera body?

Thanks so much!

Hi @pcdangio
you can download the CAD models from this support page.

The image plane is about 20 mm behind the front plane.