Tracking objects detected with a custom object detector

How can we use object tracking function (integrated in the ZED SDK) to track objects detected with a custom object detector?
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Hi @JordiG
this feature is not available in the ZED SDK.
If you want to track custom objects you must write your own detector and tracker.
You can start from this Github repository as an example:

Hi @Myzhar
Thank you for your quick reply. The new ZED2i documentation says that the object detection module will work with Custom Objects (Q3 2021). Does it mean that soon it will be possible to detect custom objects? This feature will be available for ZED2 in the new SDK version?
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Hi @JordiG
we are not allowed to provide more information about the new feature, but I can say that it will be available for all the cameras with OD capabilities.

When I tried to use Uselib’s optflow track for this repository, line 374 at yolo_v2_class.hpp crashed.

Then I try to call WaitKey to block the process before calling optflow, and the problem goes away

What do I have to do to make the program work?

My environment: