Touchdesigner and Zedi2

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I am recently working a lot with Touchdesigner and I really like it.
I’d like you to ask if the " Spatial Object Detection" and the " Large-Scale 3D Skeleton Tracking" is available on Touchdesigner with a Zedi2?

I really would like to use it for an art installation, as I would have to Zedi2 and one Zed Mini available for this project.

There is a TOP, a CHOP and a SOP for it in TOUCH already, but maybe I can not fully use it.
Is there any connection between the software engineers of Stereolab’s and TOUCH actually working on implementing this?

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Thanks for reaching out.

The Touch-designer integration is directly developed by the TD team, not by us.
Therefore, I’ll suggest you to ask these questions on their forum.

Benjamin Vallon

Stereolabs Support

Thank you for your answer!

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Benjamin Vallon (Stereolabs) schrieb am Mi. 11. Jän. 2023 um 10:44:

You can use the entire SDK with touchdesigner if you manage it through an external python file.

I’m working on a project where td manages an object detection script that sends the video over ndi and the data through osc. Then you can parse it in td and use it however you want. Its a bit more work but would get you what you need.

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would you please have an example to share? It’s far above my level of getting it done like that.

thank you