There is no image on the monitor from zedbox but it-can be connected remotely

Linux is installed on my zedbox. Due to necessity, I rebooted with the sudo reboot command. After this process, the monitor stopped displaying an image, but I can connect remotely with applications such as putty. How can I fix ?


Did you do something particular with your zed box, for example, uninstall the graphical environment ?

I uninstalled python 3.8 and reinstalled again. After this i rebooted the zedbox.

Before rebooting I was able to get an image on the monitor


Uninstalling python is a very bad idea because Ubuntu relies on it, a lot. You must probably reflash your ZED Box.
You can also try something like this, just in case:
sudo apt install --reinstall gdm3 ubuntu-desktop

Thank you very much for your quick response and interest. this code worked.
sudo apt install --reinstall gdm3 ubuntu-desktop.