The ZedLiveLink UE5.2 build does not detect any provider

Hi again, when i build (binary config on development, shipping or DebugGame) my project Zed2LiveLink never found “providers” even having my zedlivelink-mono running on the same computer.

If I test my project in Edit Mode all work !!! But obiously this is not a solution.

When i build my project this dont give me anything error, but i think that the problem is a Network Problem. Anyway, i set by default og UDP Messaging, y have disabled my firewall and other things but nothing work.

I test the project from the editor and play in “standalone game” and this work… but always when i build my project this not work detecting providers.

Any help ? This problem has never been solved and this is another thread with the same problem.

I should also comment that I’m using everything in its latest versions (4.0.7) and UE5.2


Are you building in “Shipping Mode”?
We haven’t been able to fix this issue yet, but building a development build should work.

Can you try adding -messaging to your command line? It’s possible the UDP messaging is not enabled even if you set in in the settings.
It also seems that closing the editor while you run the packaged app may fix the issue: from this post on UE’s forums.

Hi, how i say in my previous message, i test building my project in development, shipping and debug but nothing work.

Now i add the -messaging flag to my EXE file:

ZEDUnrealLiveLink.exe -messaging

and this work now.
I need to mention that i use “devlopment build mode” to cook my project. Using “shipping mode” this crash.

I am doing several other tests but this is already pretty good.

Thank you very much.

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The shipping issue is something we’ll address shortly, sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks for the report!